New development projects require an understanding of current conditions and the vision to plan for a new use. Although each project is unique, DeStefano Development combines due diligence procedures with sound ideas when exploring a new opportunity. As the developer, we assemble a team of engineers, architects and other professionals to analyze a site and plan for its development. For over three decades, we have gained extensive experience with these professionals and have built strong relationships with various local municipalities. Most importantly, we are involved at every step of the process, successfully navigating complex conditions and ensuring proper project management.

DeStefano Development is committed to quality construction and on-time delivery. Our role as general contractor is to award competitive bids to qualified subcontractors and oversee the complete construction project. We manage our projects from the site and building shell to the interior buildout and finishes. Ongoing coordination of our design professionals and contractors ensure a quality finished product. Also during this phase is tenant coordination. We work closely with new and existing tenants to understand their needs in order to provide them with the best solution for their work space.

Once a property is available for lease, our lease negotiations are simple and straightforward. We can modify any existing space to tailor-fit the need of each individual tenant. After a tenant moves in, our goal is to keep them completely satisfied in their work environment. Since we own and manage all of our properties, we have a vested interest in providing prompt and proper service from our qualified group of vendors. In addition to service, we budget and plan for long-term replacement of building components to ensure that each location is properly maintained over time. Because of our commitment to service, some of our tenants have been with us for over 25 years. Furthermore, other tenants have been able to grow with us as we have all the resources necessary to develop and lease space to accommodate changing needs.

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